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Overnight and Weekend


Four on the Floor offers on site boarding for those times you can’t be with your dog.

We also offer In-House boarding upon request. Your dog will spend the night in one of our staff's homes, providing a comfortable home setting.

Our popular "Stay and Train" program is also available for our boarding dogs.

Our open concept allows the dogs to use the outdoors as needed as well as allowing the dogs to be in a pack like setting reducing the stress felt from being away.

You can go away feeling confident and ensured that your k-9 is safe and happy throughout their stay. Rhonda can even send a text message with a picture letting you know how your friend is doing throughout their stay.

All new dogs are screened and spend a couple of days in daycare getting assessed and accustomed to the facility prior to their boarding to ensure everyone is healthy and safe in the open concept.

Please call ahead for boarding availability.

Boarding Dogs

Read about my stay!

Read about  My Stay!

"Each day I will join into the Daycare for a fun filled day with my k-9 buddies. (See daycare).

On Saturday, Four On the Floor is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM so I gets of attention, including playing with the daycare dogs. Four On the Floor has weekend staff who take care of me and my other buddies on Sunday, from 9:00-10:00 and then again 5:00-6:00 PM to feed, walk, brush and clean up after me.

Rhonda and her team take such good care of me and my other buddies, ensuring we are all mentally and physically happy and content."


  • $35.00 + GST boarding fee per night (Depending on pickup time, there maybe daycare charges in addition to boarding fees)

  • $50.00 + GST In-House boarding fee



Feel free to review the required form below. Please know that this forms needs to be filled out prior to boarding your dog.

Boarding Agreement
Please print this form and fill out.



Boarding is great at Four On The Floor! Boarding is great at Four On The Floor! Boarding is great at Four On The Floor! Boarding is great at Four On The Floor!