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Does your dog need more exercise, direction and socialization?

Do you have a puppy who needs to learn the proper way to play?

Our open concept facility has indoor/outdoor year round access, loaded with agility equipment and playground set ups, beds and “quiet kennels” for nap time, and a full size swimming pool in the summer months!

Don’t be fooled by other facilities pretty pictures and environment! Rhonda's credentials and her staff’s experience says it all! Four on the Floor is not just the typical doggy daycare! We are an educational facility. Our daycare dog’s leave both mentally and physically exhausted through individualized programs, activities and adventures. We accommodate each and every canine’s behavioural, emotional and physically needs, by assessing and individualizing each canine, and placing them in the suitable program. We ensure your pups are matched with similar play styles, behaviours, age and energy level.

A typical day here could include activities such as controlled leash walks, tread milling, jogging, a visit to the off leash park (recall permitting), hiking, biking, roller blading, cart pulling, scent training, agility, obedience and so much more!

Many benefits to our Open Concept Daycare!

Who is better to teach your dog?

Our highly skilled staff have been trained to understand dog behaviour and proper social skills, so we know what your dog will do before they will! We handle your family as we would our own, with patience, guidance, love, and understanding.

With constant supervision, your dog will learn the skills it needs to adapt to the pack behaviour and be a confident relaxed member of the group.

Dogs adapt so well in these settings that eventually they will become the helpers, coaxing less confident or fearful dogs out of their shells. That’s the beauty of the Pack!

Our staff will work on obedience, teach manners, set boundaries, and expectations. We will also ensure you are versed on the skills your dog has learned.

The benefits of daycare are life changing. Come see how we can start your journey to a more balanced pet and household today!

Daycare Schedule

6:30 AM - 7:30 AM - feeding time for our furry friends

7:30 AM - 11:00 AM - pack walk & treadmill interval training, socializing

11:00 AM -2:00 PM - Activities (Monday- obedience, Tuesday - Agility, Wednesday & Thursday - One on one with handlers, Friday Instinctual training)

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM - Leash handling work

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM - Free time & Socialization (outdoor and indoor)

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM - Quiet time, getting ready for pickup

6:30 PM - feeding for boarding dogs

A short video showing our open concept daycare. Don't you love how the puppy is taken care of? (28 seconds)

Need a ride?

We offer a pick up and drop off service for occasions when you’re not able.



Half Day (up to 4 hours)


Daycare Dogs playing in Lake

Full Day
(Discount package available)


Food per Feeding, if required
(owners typically provide food)


Each Pick Up / Drop Off Service


Need Training?

Need more one on one help with Fido? See our training section, for a list of courses catered to your canines' needs!


Want To Save Money?

Happy Daycare Dog!Our Stamp Pass Program offers discounted pre-paid daycare rates. Email for more information.



Please print this .pdf form and fill out before your dog starts in Daycare.
Daycare Agreement