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Four on the Floor offers specialized training for your dog, including therapy and private consultations, depending on your dog's needs.

All of our lifestyle courses will help you form not only an incredible bond but an unbreakable bond. We believe by creating a relationship similar to a human family social unit, your dog will learn to look for guidance and direction by members of the family. We will educate you in order for the family to teach your best friend their social structure, rules, limitations, and boundaries.

The fee for all classes includes a slip lead that has multiple funcitons. Contact us for an up-to-date price list.

When possible, due to demand, we try to break our classes into your k-9’s age groups making it less frustrating and more rewarding. It is also nice for you to see and be able to work alongside of others facing the same situations and watching the progress of each other’s accomplishments.

Rhonda, the senior trainer, has a long list of credentials, which truly sets her apart from many other trainers.

Cesar who? Rhonda doesn’t need to whisper… the dog’s love to hear from her!

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A video showing dogs pulling while getting exercised. (30 seconds)


TestimonialThanks for taking such great care of me and teaching me how to be a good dog. Thanks for teaching my parents too! I don’t think they could do it with out you!"


TestimonialThanks-you SOO much for your help with Harley and loving him as much as we do."

Angel and Family

Testimonial"Quincy, my Boston Terrier, was a frightened little dog with aggression issues. I took an obedience class with Rhonda and Quincy became a totally different dog within weeks thanks to the tools that she taught me.

I took it a step further for socializing and put Quincy into the doggie daycare. I was very apprehensive but he did amazing thanks to the assistance of Rhonda, Tamara and all the staff. I could not have asked or wanted for more out of the situation. "

Stephanie MacLean



In-house Training Program
(30 day mandatory - 5 days a week)

This program is geared towards people that do not have the time, patience, or who are just fed up with their K-9's unwanted behaviour due to hyperactivity, adolescence, new puppy toilet training, reactive dogs, obsessive compulsive dogs, or for those who want to have a well mannered socialized good canine citizen that you can take anywhere anytime.

This specialized program consists of 30 days of daycare with one-on-one fun filled, positive interval training sessions throughout the day with one of our qualified trainers. Our Behaviour Modification Specialist will tailor a program suitable to both your's and your k-9's needs.

A workbook will be kept and a log of your k-9's daily and weekly progress will be kept for a weekly review with you. It will be expected that you will follow through when the pet is at home during the program, so that consistency will be met and the best possible results will be achieved. Our staff will ensure that all exercises are understood and executed correctly by you at the weekly review.

You will have access to any training equipment or training video for rental (Visa, Mastercard, or Cash Deposit will be obtained which will be refunded upon return and no damage). There will be discounted rates for one-on-one sessions for trouble shooting or at home consultations or one-on-one training.

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Stay and Train

We offer a training program while your dogs is staying with us in Daycare.

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Private Training Sessions

You can also book your dog into private training sessions while in Daycare.

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Lifestyle Training Classes


Puppy 101 - 4 to 9 months old

Do you know most dogs are surrendered or euthanized during this stage of a puppy's development? Do you hear yourself saying, “What the heck has this puppy turned into, and why is he so unruly”? We will help you create that incredible bond and the perfect puppy relationship!

Let us educate you on a puppy's development cycle and educate you with the tools you will need to create a well adjusted canine. We will guide through proper socialization, potty training, beginner leash handling, how to approach new situations, and environments, and so much more!



This course is for all those people who have young adult dogs from 6 months to 2.5 years of age. This is the most common time most dogs are given up to the shelters, as their cute puppy hood has left them and they have turned into a chewing, hyperactive, bad mannered, non-listening, catch-me-if-you-can ball of fur.

This course is designed especially for you and your furry friend. Topics will include problem solving techniques and equip you with the tools to teach your dog to become a well adjusted adult that will be able to go out into the community comfortably and safely.


Lifestyle 101 - 10 months old and older

Do you are struggling with an unruly teenager, or you have a mature dog who needs some guidance? Let us help you to create an unbreakable bond and working relationship based on respect, guidance, and a whole bunch of fun exercises to educate your canine to become the good canine citizen they are.

This course will include the basics such as sit, stay, come, down, and stop using body language and body movements that genetically your canine understands. We will educate you on how your canine views their world and their new family structure. Leash handling and distraction techniques are taught, along with a whole lot more so that your dog can become a polite canine citizen.

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Trouble Shooting Day in Daycare

Does your dog pull you around, pushy at doorways; have a case of 'barkitus' when the doorbell rings and runs around crazily; resource guarder of food/toys; or has separation anxiety; plus any other behaviours that may be plaguing you and your dog?

Let one of our trainers work at intervals throughout the day working with your pet to eliminate those unwanted, everyday problems.

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Private Consultation

Rhonda will come to your home and assess your dog and the relationship they have within the family unit. Together a specific game plan will be made up for your family in order to reach the harmony that you all so much deserve.

We can assist with the basic commands, leash training or more serious behavior problems that may be disrupting your home and causing stress within your life.

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Out and About

Do you and you canine want more? Would you like to take your dog ever where you go no matter where you go?

This course is all about that and a whole lot more! We will be going to environments and doing things that are out of the ordinary, gaining you all confidence, solidifying the bond and working relationship that you all have worked so hard to build. Advanced skills such as distance recalls, learning to transfer walking from one side to the other, return to your side when at the dog park, plus so much more is included!

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Obedience in Motion

This fun filled class is a must for those whom have very active, hard-to-focus, impulsive dogs. It not only is fun filled, but you will be able to teach your dog more quickly as it is very rewarding for them. Come and create a great bond and working relationship.

This is a 7 week course.

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The Difficult Dog (6 Dog limit)

Do you have a dog that is a reactive, pushy, hyperactive, or a bully? Do you have a rescue dog or an adoption dog and gotten more than you bargained? Let us help you to understand and build skills to help guide your canine to learn new skills and lower hyperactivity, reactivity and confidence and reduce excitement levels quickly.

This course is a building block for you in making your canine become all that they can be!!!

We will teach you alternative leash skills that will block excitement and reactivity levels and eliminate pulling. Proper technique of introduction to people or other animals along with confidence building and instinctual games to play satisfying your dog physically and mentally for those days that you have time restrictions will be taught. Emphasis on canine signals and ways to recognize just what they are telling us will be focused on, along with management tools that will help you maintain healthy behaviour in your canine.

This is a very rewarding course for owner, canine and instructor!

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