You charge what for grooming!!!!???? The lady down the street can do it for LESS! 

To some grooming looks easy, however it is not as it seems! The process can be time consuming (going at a comfortable pace- with breaks, to ensure a positive experience for the dog), proper drying, brushing/blowout, cutting/trimming, shaping, ear cleaning, nail trims…. 

With all services, you get what you pay for; Many inexperienced groomers cut corners to eliminate time and cost. This way they can keep costs low. This can have a detrimental impact on the quality of groom and overall experience for your furry companion.  

For example;  

A proper Blowout: 

Prep: Brush (rake) and blowout (gets rid of dead loose hair and dirt, also lifts matting away from skin) 

Bath: Pre-wash/ degrease, rinse, shampoo, rinse, condition/massage into coat and brush through, rinse. 

Dry: Depending on owner request and dog. We let dogs play with a companion and air dry a bit. This gives the dog a break, and makes for less time on the table. We then get the dog up on the table, blow drying (ensuring the coat is 100% dry before starting the de-shedding process. If the coat is not 100% dry, you end up tugging on the hair and can lead to discomfort and rashing).  

De-shed: Once coat is 100% dry and matting combed or trimmed out. We turn on the “Fluffer dryer” and section by section (2 inch at a time), we start raking out the loose undercoat in a star like pattern. Time consuming- I’d say so! 

Trimming: Trim on the loose ends, feet (pads and between toes), bum area, face, neck and tail.  

Nail trim: We like to round them out 

Ear clean: Did you know some “groomers” just use water!! Proper ear cleaning solution is crucial. 

Spritz: Freshener and coat shiner 

Bedazzle! Bow or tie or jewels 


Bath: (Shampoo and rinse) 

Dry: (leave damp) 

Brush with a wired brush, then take the Furminator to top of coat. (The Furminator can damage the top of coat, and tends to cut instead of pull out the deal loose undercoat. Without the coat being 100% dry, severe pulling occurs, which is very painful for the dog. This leads to brush burn and rashing.  

Nail trim  


With this process you will find your dog will continue to lose hair, you may notice some rash like burns due to the brushing process.  

Money saving tips for grooming: 

  1. Brush your dog on a daily basis. Ensure you are brushing those places that are prone to matting (neck, under arms, paws, ears). Ask your groomer for some tips and tricks and what brushes to use.  
  1. Invest in a dryer, and some scissors. Ask your groomer for some tips on doing a self bath & tidy (for in between grooms). 
  1. Pick your style: Shorter cuts, such as shave downs and kennel cuts are easier to maintain.  

Did You Know:  

~Anal gland expression is considered a Veterinarian practice. A grooming professional will not extract the anal glands, too much could go wrong and more damage could occur.  

~We at Four on the Floor like to utilize cage/kennel free grooming (unless requested). We find the little bit of play time and free environment to roam, makes the dogs feel more at home.