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Announcements 2022

Thank you each and every one of you for the continuous support. We are truly blessed to have such an amazing group of clients and their furry pals. Covid over the last two years have drastically impacted businesses everywhere, we were included. We had to make some business model changes to accommodate; Thank you for baring with us.  

Health Checks

We ask that you give your dog a check over before bringing to daycare (yes, each visit).  

Creepy crawlers are gross. When a dog comes to daycare or grooming with Lice or Fleas, it takes a lot of work, time and costs to disinfect the facility. We pride ourselves on keeping all dogs safe and healthy, and the facility clean.  

 As of Jan.1, 2022, Four on the Floor will be implementing a $50 disinfecting fee to any dogs who come to the facility with creepy crawlers (lice, ticks or fleas). It takes one good check before dropping your dog off to notice any illness or bugs.   

Did you know: Dog lice can live on your clothes for 3-5 days!? This means if you pet a dog with lice, you can bring it home to your dogs. 

Even in the winter dogs can pickup Lice and Fleas. Please keep your dog up to date on treatments and prevention (from your vet). Dogs can pickup bugs on our walks or off leash adventures.  

Health Check: 

  1. Is your dog coughing? Runny nose, or runny eyes? If yes, keep them at home until symptoms are 100% gone.  
  1. Lice and Fleas like warmth. The number one spot for the critters to infest are, behind the ears, neck and under the armpits. If you notice any dander like spots (white or clear), take a cotton pad to pick some off, examine. It will look like a clear bug (lice). If you notice black spots, this is fleas or flea dirt. Call vet for treatment. 

We recommend all dogs that attend daycare or grooming be up to date on their flea and tick prevention. We will not be accepting any dogs with injuries, illness or with low immunity.  

Daycare attendance requirements.  

Dogs thrive on routine and structure. We are finding when dogs come to daycare sporadically, it is disrupting the big group, and we are having to reintegrate and re-teach the sporadic dog again. Too much focus and one on one work goes into the sporadic dog (taking away from the other dogs).  

For the safety and structure of our group and all dogs. We have now implemented a new policy: One-day-per-week attendance requirement. We require all dogs to attend day care at least once a week because we know that consistency and continuity promote safety. Dog lacking confidence, or self-regulation (high arousal) will be put a program- tailored to their needs (2-3 days a week, ½ days, ect). We don’t charge extra for the one on one work, but do require commitment from the owners.  

Ideally, dogs will attend day care on a regularly scheduled day (however not mandatory unless asked by management), so we can consistently match them with the social environment they will enjoy and benefit from most. This regular weekly schedule helps your dog feel more comfortable, confident, and social, creating a safer day care environment for all. It also ensures our staff is as familiar with your dog’s normal behavior, so we are attuned to any changes.  

Benefits of a consistent attendance: 

Less stress – When dogs don’t visit us weekly, each time they come is like their first day at a new school or new job, which can be stressful. This requirement reduces stress and anxiety to promote safer social interactions for every dog in our care. 

Dogs love routine – Coming on the same day every week keeps dogs comfortable and familiar with our environment, which creates a positive, predictable, and safer social setting. 

More social time – Dogs play more safely and are more social with familiar dogs they know. 

Safety all around – Our staff can keep everyone safer when they know when each dog is attending. This allows us to create playgroups that match the dogs’ play styles, preferred playmates, energy levels, and sizes. 

We know your dog – By seeing your dog every week on the same days, our staff knows them. It helps us regulate safe play and lets us know when your dog might not be feeling like themselves. 

A great way to think of it as taking your child to Disney Land. The first time they are super excited and a bit unruly and need constant reminders on how to act and behave, ect. The more they go to Disney land the more they get accustomed to the routine; The are less stimulated by the environment and need less guidance. 


A place where a dog can be a dog
Safety is our #1 priority. That’s why we have comprehensive policies and procedures to ensure your dog is safe and healthy every day they’re with us. A proactive approach to safety is woven right into the fabric of our doggy day care and incorporated into our facility, specially designed with your dog’s safety and comfort in mind. 

Daycare notes: **If dropping off after 10am please check our Facebook page to see if we are full. https://www.facebook.com/4onthefloorairdrie 

**If bringing lunch/treats, please ensure containers/bags are labelled. Don’t forget to grab your container😊  

**Regular nail trims-For the safety of all dogs, please keep your dog’s nail trimmed. If you are unable to, we can for you.  

**Please don’t bring toys, blankets or anything else for daycare. 

**Late Fee: We close at 6:30pm. All dogs must be picked up by 6:30pm. If 15mins late, there will be a $20 charge. If over 15 mins late, a $30 charge will be added.  

**Dropoff’s: Unfortunately, we no longer can accommodate drop-offs. 

**Off Leash Adventures: Our favorite! We do not charge extra for these excursions. We just ask that you purchase one of our long lines ($44.99). If your dog has amazing recall, no need to purchase a long line. I recommend all puppies join us on these adventures. During these outings, I work on recall. Start them young and they have recall skills for life! 

Our Specialties
  • Structured Daycare Programs
  • Training Workshops, Consults, In Home Options & Classes
  • Grooming
  • Off Leash Adventures
  • Nutrition
All Things Dog…

Don’t forget to follow our private group to see videos and pictures of the daycare fun! https://www.facebook.com/groups/FourontheFloorPack 

In-Facility Boarding! We are bringing it back!  

Pre-covid we offered in facility boarding for our daycare clients. However, with travel declining due to covid, we seen a decline in this service, so we cut it.  

But …. 

Now we are back at it with some slight changes. 

 To qualify for in facility boarding: 

  1. Dogs must be part of our daycare (weekly attendance mandatory). All boarding dogs participate in daycare and the activities every day. So being familiar and comfortable in the environment is a must.  
  1. Boarding forms filled out each visit….Annoying I know. 
  1. Bring food and that’s it (meds if needed). We won’t be accepting toys, beds, leashes, bowls or blankets.  
  1. We ask that all dogs are dropped off for boarding by 1pm (no extra charge). This way we can tire them out for their evening stay.  
  1. Dogs must be picked up by 11am or a full daycare charge will be added. Weekend pickup and drop-off times: Saturday 9am-11am or 3pm-5pm   Sundays 9am-10am or 4pm-5pm 

Note: In facility boarding is $42.00/night and include daycare. No staff are on premises at night. We separate all dogs into their own runs (with a bed and water dish). We do nightly check ins through our camera system.  

We also offer in home boarding: Dogs participate in daycare and then go home with a staff member for the evening. $63/night.  

Page Break 

Saturday Daycare is back! 

As of Jan.9th, 2022 we will be offering daycare on SaturdaysPrebooking is required (must be booked by the Friday 6:30pm. (This way I can staff accordingly). Unfortunately, any dogs on a tailored program won’t be able to attend Saturday daycare (for now…) 

Hours: 9am-5pm  

Doors will be locked between 11am-3pm. This way my staff can focus on the dogs and their activities and walks. Dropoff is between 9am-11am or 3pm-5pm.  


We pride ourselves on creating a stress-free environment for all dogs. Our groomers go on “dog’s” time, giving them time to free play and decompress in the new environment. Giving them an opportunity to feel explore in their new environment creates a positive experience. We want your dog to enjoy their stay.

Our Grooming Process: 

-Decompress and free play (kennel optional) 

-Coat prep and bath (break between if needed) 

-Pee break  

-Air dry time (Free play or nap). We let them air dry for 80% of the time. This way they do not have to stand on the table for 1-2 hours with the high velocity blow-dryer. Less time on table= Less stress 

-Dry time and Brush (De-shed) 

-Trimming & full groom 


Rhonda Labas– Certified Master Groomer. Rhonda has been grooming for over 30 years.  

Mari Dowson– Specialized Groomer. Mari’s eye for detail sets her apart from the rest.  

Haylee Labas: De-shedding Master 

Jordan Labas: Bather & Prepper 

Pricing: This is a base price. All pricing depends on the size of dog and condition of their coat. There will be a bathing charge plus $30 charge for any dog that comes in with fleas or lice.  

-XSmall: Chihuahua, Yorkies, Maltese $50-$65 

-Small: Bichon, Shitsu $70-$75 

-Medium: Cocker Spaniel, small Doodles, King Charles Spaniels, Westies, Mini Schnauzer, Scotties, small Collies, Labs $75-85 

-Large: Standard Poodles & Doodles, large Collies, Husky, Shelties, Rough coated Collies, Schnauzers $125-$200 

Xlarge: Sheep Dog (breed cut), Malamute, Pyrenees, Leonberg $150-$300 

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