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Four on the Floor provides numerous training options to assist you in having the best relationship with your dog. Rhonda, our canine specialist, has a long list of credentials which truly separates her from other trainers.

Please contact us for an up to date price list.

Lifestyle (7 week workshop) Jan.31-Feb.14 (Thursday evenings 7pm)


Our consults are a great option for owners who are unable to commit to weekly workshops. We offer both in house or in facility consults – both options are available for puppies as well.

In all 3 options, you will work one on one with a designated trainer and learn the proper techniques to modify or manage those unwanted behaviours.

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Jan.31-Feb.14 (Thursday evenings 7pm-8pm)   

“Lifestyle Classes”

Call to register! (403)945-8834

A spin on the basic obedience class. We teach in real environments across Airdrie, to help generalize the training. Each week a new topic is taught and existing skills are practiced. Jump to our workshop page to read a full run down of Lifestyle.

Drop-in Obedience & Socials (Tuesday evenings starting Feb.5th 7pm & 8pm)

Obedience classes: These drop in style classes are for those who have completed a initial one on one training session with Rhonda. We will be skill building each week.   ***7pm (45 minutes)***

Social: These social are a great way to socialize your dog in a structured, safe environment. Your dog will have access to our inside play area as the outdoor playground. Rhonda will providing helpful socialization and canine communication tips throughout the hour.   ***8pm****

Call to book (403)945-8834