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Four on the Floor provides numerous training options to assist you in having the best relationship with your dog. Rhonda, our canine specialist, has a long list of credentials which truly separates her from other trainers.

 contact us We keep it old school:) Give us a call to register for classes & workshops.

Phone Consultations ($20):

  • Have a quick question regarding behavior?
  • Part of our regular daycare program and just need some quick advice?
  • Need a tip or trick to nip a unwanted behavior in the butt (before committing to consults or a class)?
  • Bringing home a new dog and need advice on introducing it to the family or other pets?
  • Need re-homing advice?
  • Need advice introducing your dog to your new baby?

A phone consultation is a a great opportunity to get your questions answered quickly. We can book a 15-20 minute slot, where one of our trainers can provide their time to you and give you their undivided attention. All our trainers are busy working either in our daycare or grooming.


Our consults are a great option for owners who are unable to commit to weekly workshops and want a more focused and individualized approach. We offer both;

In home consultation ($350) & followups ($100):

  • Agression
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Bringing home baby
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Excessive Barking/Guarding
  • And more!

 In facility consultation ($150) & followups ($75):

  • Adolescent phase
  • Basic obedience
  • Leash handling and walking manners
  • Fear periods
  • Raising a well-rounded puppy
  • Canine body language and proper play
  • Leadership (in the eyes of your dog)
  • And more!

In all  options, you will work one on one with a designated trainer and learn the proper techniques to modify or manage those unwanted behaviors.


Classes are a great opportunity to train your dog in a safe environment with other dogs and distractions. Participating in training sessions with your dog, si a great bonding experience, which helps establish confidence.

Lifestyles with Rhonda Labas ($500 includes a transitional leash): We take these classes out into the community! We even introduce them to horses/cows and other fun barn animals. This helps generalize the training and allow us to train in real environments/scenarios. We get to trouble shoot along the journey. This class consists of weekly sessions, for a total of 8 weeks. During our time together; owners learn new techniques, skills and handling to raise a well-rounded canine.

Topics include:

  1. Theory (understanding your dog)
  2. Leash handling & obedience in motion (getting the most out of your walks)
  3. Creating boundaries and structure in the home (training starts in the home)
  4. Obedience (teaching your dogs to be a proper canine citizen. Hello manners)
  5. Impulse control (Training with distractions)
  6. Giving your dog a job and what that looks like (based on breed)
  7. Calming strategies
  8. Proper introductions to new places, people and other animals
  9. And so much more!

Obedience and Manners with Danielle Todd ($300):

These classes consist of weekly sessions held over 6 weeks. Her obedience classes will give you the skills to teach your dog how to be a well mannered member of the family. She focuses on helping you be the best dog handler you can be while understanding how your dog learns and communicates. She utilizes positive reinforcement with marker training to communicate clearly. Class sizes are small (6) to provide individual attention and done at our facility.

Perfect Puppy with Maisyn Evans ($250):

This 6 week course, consists of weekly classes to build a strong foundation with your puppy. Owners will be taught everything they need to know in raising a well-mannered companion.  Maisyn utilizes “Free Work” in her class: This consists of utilizing an obstacle course for your dog; Where we build a language together to provide fluid communication between you and your dog. You will learn to effectively provide your dog with clear expectations and guidance.


  1. Basic obedience (Shaping behaviours)
  2. Training games
  3. Body language
  4. Handling and redirecting
  5. Foundation of communication
  6. Start of recall and heel
  7. Confidence building
  8. Socialization: The last the pups participate in a social. Here owners get to learn proper play and what to encourage and how to redirect unwanted play behaviors

Introduction to Scent Detection with Danielle Todd ($250): 

Let’s put your dog’s nose to work and provide them with the ultimate job! During this 6 weeks; you and your dog will learn a variety of skills including;



-Clear communication

-Drive to search

-Handling skills

-And so much more!

Canine & Owner Harmony ($250): This 5 week course provides owners with the tools to build a even stronger bond, structure, calm mindset and boundaries; All while creating a happy and healthy relationship between you and your dog.

We keep the FUN in fundamentals and work on things like:

-Building and maintaining focus on you

-Keeping recall exciting and simple

-Adding another layer of communication with your dog through the leash,

– Learning to help your dogs build a calm mindset though impulse control.

Tricky Tricks (price varies): Who says you can’t teach a dog new tricks!? Join us in this fun filled 4 week class (also available in a one night workshop) and learn to teach your dog some new tricks!

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Reactive Rover …Coming soon!

“Lifestyle Classes”

Call to register! (403)945-8834

***Discontinued until Spring 2023****

A spin on the basic obedience class. We teach in real environments across Airdrie, to help generalize the training. Each week a new topic is taught and existing skills are practiced. Jump to our workshop page to read a full run down of Lifestyle.