Train you to train your dog: This weekend workshop focuses on equipping owners with the tools, knowledge and techniques to manage and modify those pesky unwanted behaviors (barking at the door, unruly home and leash manners)

March.7th & 8th (2020) $150+gst        Pre-registration required

Day 1: Control in the home               Day 2: Leash Handling

Puppy 101: This weekend workshop teaches owners everything they need to know to raise a well rounded, social canine. Each day ends in a puppy social. Here owners will gt a chance to have their puppies socialize in a structured environment, learning proper play styles and when to step in and redirect.

Feb.22 & 23 (2020) $150+gst        Pre-registration required

Lifestyle 101

This 7 week workshop was developed to create a working relationship between you and your dog. Your dog will start to look to you for guidance in everyday situations, eliminating the need to control.

This workshop is about creating a harmonic relationship between you and your dog. Classes are held in a variety of locations to help generalize the training and train in real life situations.


  • Loose leash walking
  • Impulse control
  • Obedience in motion
  • Distraction and calming
  • Art of leadership
  • Creating boundaries and structure
  • Proper greetings and introductions
  • Theory and more!