Regular Daycare

(Waitlist: Please e-mail information about your dog to determine if we can fit them in. 5 day trial mandatory. ( For those who already understand the pack dynamics. Weekly attendance mandatory. Some dogs need a bit more one on one work and routine to be successfully integrated into the group. A tailored plan will be made consisting of a pyramid schedule (3 days a week for two weeks, twice a week until ready to go down to once a week. Some dogs need to maintain a twice a week schedule). This schedule is common in adolescent dogs and working breeds.

Behavioral Daycare-WAITLIST

For high-arousal dogs or dogs lacking confidence.  A one-on one approach and handling is utilized to make daycare successful. (3 days a week commitment. 5 hours max, $45-$60/visit). ***Currently FULL***


(No waitlist) For puppies under 5 months of age. (5 day trail: Twice a week for two weeks, then can go down to weekly). Reccommended: Twice a week. Mandatory downtime, and one on one handling and training.  

Pack walks are included in the daycare fee! We also work on walking etiquettes and leash manners.

Safety is our #1 priority. That’s why we have comprehensive policies and procedures to ensure your dog is safe and healthy every day they’re with us. A proactive approach to safety is woven right into the fabric of our doggy day care and incorporated into our facility, specially designed with your dog’s safety and comfort in mind. For the safety and structure of our group and all dogs. We have now implemented a new policy: One-day-per-week attendance requirement. We require all dogs to attend day care at least once a week because we know that consistency and continuity promote safety. 

Ideally, dogs will attend day care on a regularly scheduled day (however not mandatory unless asked by management), so we can consistently match them with the social environment they will enjoy and benefit from most. This regular weekly schedule helps your dog feel more comfortable, confident, and social, creating a safer day care environment for all. It also ensures our staff is as familiar with your dog’s normal behavior, so we are attuned to any changes.   Benefits of a consistent attendance: 

  • Less stress – When dogs don’t visit us weekly, each time they come is like their first day at a new school or new job, which can be stressful. This requirement reduces stress and anxiety to promote safer social interactions for every dog in our care. 
  • Dogs love routine – Coming on the same day every week keeps dogs comfortable and familiar with our environment, which creates a positive, predictable, and safer social setting. 
  • More social time – Dogs play more safely and are more social with familiar dogs they know. 
  • Safety all around – Our staff can keep everyone safer when they know when each dog is attending. This allows us to create playgroups that match the dogs’ play styles, preferred playmates, energy levels, and sizes. 
  • We know your dog – By seeing your dog every week on the same days, our staff knows them. It helps us regulate safe play and lets us know when your dog might not be feeling like themselves. 


per full day

$ 35.00 + GST

Per Day
  • Controlled leash walks
  • Treadmill training
  • Hiking
  • Biking, rollerblading and cart pulling
  • Scent training
  • Obstacle courses

Monthly stamp pass available ($900 plus gst. Non refundable (no exceptions). 1 year expiry)

for ½ day

$ 25.00 + GST

(up to 4 hours maximum)
  • Controlled leash walks
  • Treadmill training
  • Hiking
  • Biking, rollerblading and cart pulling
  • Scent training
  • Obstacle courses

Senior (10 years+)

$ $28.00 plus gst

Per Month

The senior rate is for dogs 10 years or older

1/2 days are 4 hours max

Give us a call to book your dog’s first daycare visit! We pride ourselves on utilizing positive/reward based handling and techniques; to ensure a positive experience each and every visit. Boarding options available for our daycare clients.

Dog must provide yearly proof of vaccines and Flea & Tick treament (done every 6 months)

Is your dog a fit for daycare? Check out the article below!AuKwBKp8rsfugWg1fT0nE7KY1HiQ