At Four on the Floor we offer professional dog grooming services for all breeds and temperaments. We believe in a friendly approach and taking things slow to ensure a positive experience for your dog. We take pride in our updated equipment, professional products and tools. Our groomers have a wealth of knowledge from various seminars and training sessions. Both our dog groomers are working towards becoming Master Groomers.

Rhonda and Jamie do it all, from proper de-sheds (bath and blowouts), hand stripping and breed specific show cuts.

Our dog grooming services are available from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM Monday – Friday to accommodate those who work.  We offer Spa days (1/2 day of daycare and then their groom) as well as pickup and drop off services.

Our typical dog groom includes:

  • Pre-cut/trim
  • Bath
  • Blow-dry/de-shed
  • Clipping
  • Hand scissoring
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trim
  • Teeth gel

Please note: We do not provide anal gland extractions.

Other grooming services:

Pawdicures: Paw treatments for dogs which includes wash (de-grease & moisturizer), paw massage, paw trim (between toes, bottom of the feet and rounded out) and paw balm. $31.50

Spa Day: Includes a half day of daycare (includes structured socialization and walk) and then a groom. $21 plus groom

Customized Spa Add-on: Includes charcoal scrub, 100% natural shampoo and conditioner C02 rinse with Nagayu bathing system, emu oil condition, nail grind, and extra bling. $21.50

Facial: Waterless facial scrub, comb, ear clean, teeth brush and/or gel. $18.90

NOTE: Dematting can be very stressful and painful for a dog. We will try our best to accommodate but believe in a healthy, positive experience for the dog. We reserve the right to refuse dematting in extreme cases. Our dematting charge is based on a per case and per hour basis at our discretion.