Four on the Floor offers on site boarding for those times you can’t be with your dog. Through direct updates: You can go away feeling confident and ensured that your k-9 is safe and happy throughout their stay. We are NOT your average boarding facility. There is an assessment process to get your dog boarding ready. We are very particular on who we take for overnight stays. Our boarding process ensures each dog is a good fit for our facility and our daycare group, ensuring safety and comfortably for all. We only board 12 dogs max at a time, to ensure everyone gets adequate room and attention. Process: 

  1. All dogs must be integrated into the daycare prior to boarding. They will participate in a “4 visit trail period”. This includes 2 days of daycare for 2 weeks, then 1 overnight trail stay.
  2. All dogs must fill out the daycare waivers, provide a updated copy of vaccines, and a recent proof of flea/lice treatment.
  3. Boarding must be pre-booked with a deposit (50% of their stay). Cancellation must be made within hours of stay or deposit is forfeited. 

What your dogs stay will look like?

  1. Morning let out & feed (Make it into a game or puzzle)
  2. Daycare Time (6:00am-7pm). This includes a group or individual walk, activities, lunch games, one-on-one work with the handlers, down time and structured play time.
  3. Supper time (5:30-7pm). Game or activity
  4. Evening Play time and activity
  5. Quiet time -Free Play
  6. Bed time (seperate run with bed and water) 7pm-6am **Note: From 7pm-6am there is no staff on premise, dogs are monitored through cameras*** Evening check in and pee break between 9pm-11pm


$50 per night/per dog. This includes the day of daycare. Day of dropoff: We ask dogs are here by 1pm (no extra charge). This way we can tire them out for their first evening at the facility. Day of Pickup: Pickup by 9am or there will be a full daycare charge.  We offer grooming services prior to pickup. Have your dog go home mentally, physically fulfilled and fresh! Please call ahead for boarding availability. Feel free to review the required form below. Please know that this forms needs to be filled out prior to boarding your dog. Daycare Agreement Please print this form and fill out.

per nightMost Popular

$ 55.00

(Depending on pickup time, there maybe daycare charges in addition to boarding fees)
  • $50.00 + GST In-Facility boarding fee ($5off 2nd dog: If sharing a run. Includes daycare)
  • $60.00 + GST In-House boarding fee (per pet. Includes daycare). Based on limited availability