Why a membership program?

Firstly; We all know dogs thrive on routine and structure. Over the years we noticed the dogs who come twice a week or more to daycare, tend to be less work for the handlers. They establish their role in the group and understand the group dynamics better then those who come once a week or sporadic. We want to offer a little reward to those who committ to daycare. Also this helps keep the group predicatable. In the past we stopped offering sporadic daycare, due to having to reintegrate these dogs into the group each visit. However, we listened to the feedback over the last year and decided to allow sporadic visits with a added cost (due to the one-on-one work involved).

What if I miss a day during the week? 

It is forfeited. However we offer week pauses for each membership. Also f there is an emergency, just give us a call and chat to management. We aren’t cold hearted, we understand life gets in the way.

Why don’t you offer a second dog discount for daycare?

Dogs coming from the same household are alot of work on the handlers. They tend to rely on eachother, guarding eachother, bullying others,  not letting one another play with other dogs, ect. Every visit; we end up splitting the dogs; Putting one upstairs in a small group while the other plays downstairs and rotate. If you have multiple dogs, we highly reccomend bringing them on seperate days. It will help each dog gain independence and confidence away from eachother.

I don’t like the Membership program! 

No problem we have daily rate of $42.00. Open from 6:30am-6:30pm Monday-Saturday (early dropoff and late pickup options available). That ends up being $3.50/hour. We don’t charge extra for walks, feeding games or activities.

What does a day look like?

First, each dog comes into the daycare in a calm state of mind. If a dog comes in a high state of arousal, we will put them in a run til calm. This helps keep the energy of the group balanced and safe. Our mornings consist of structured play and group walks. Yes every dog gets walked at NO EXTRA COST! A tired dog is a good dog. During our walks we work on walking etiquette and impulse control. We have the dogs sit and stay and check in with us, multiple times during each walk. Some dogs need individual walks, and that’s okay! After walks the dogs get to free play (inside and outdoors access). Through the day we treadmill dogs (slow introductions to the treadmill utilizing reward based training). Some dogs just are not into the treadmill, and thats okay. We will never push an activity on a dog. Treadmill training consists of intervals at a incline (better for joints). Between 12-2 we do lunch activities. Lunch time takes about 2 hours, because each dog gets seperated into a run and gets to participate in a game, activity or puzzle. Its a great form of mental stimulation. After lunch, we find the dogs usually chill out and have some down time (some self regulate and go off to the side for a nap, others need their own space to calm). Others continue to play.

***Note: If your dog doesnt self regulate in the daycare (put himself for downtime). We will put him in a run or kennel for a break throughout their visit. This is crucial for development. We don’t want to create adrenaline junkies.***

After downtime, we do activities. The activities depend on the day and group of dogs we have.

  • Water activities: Big pool, small pool, spray toys, sprinklers, ect.
  • Bubbles
  • Flirt pole training
  • Bobbing for treats (carrots, cucumber)
  • Jumping for treats (Treats hung on a string)
  • Ball/bottle pit fun
  • Sound desenstizing activities
  • Scent work
  • Puzzles
  • Obedience work
  • Obstacle courses
  • Crafts
  • So much more! We are always thinking of new activities to implement

Between 4-630pm is free play. Dogs begin to be picked up, so we try and keep the group calm and collected.


This is a great option for shift workers. Your dog will join a small group and have a few hours of play time and activities. Unfortunately no walks are provided during evening daycare. Pre-booking required.

Does the 20 day pass expire?

 Yes, 6 months after purchase date.

Can my puppy under 6 months come to daycare without participating in the puppy preschool?

Absolutely. However we strongly reccomend putting them in the 4 week preschool. Puppyhood is such a crucial time in development. They are little sponges at this age, learning from everything (people and dogs). One negative experience can create life long behavioural concerns. In preschool, during their visit, they will be paired with a handler. They will be taught a variety of skills and work on shaping behaviours for life long training success. During free play, their assigned handler will be watching for proper play and interactions. They will be stepping in and redirecting when needed, to ensure no bullying behaviours/improper interactions are presented or being practiced. Each puppy will go for a walk (either individually or paired with a mentor dog). During their walk they wil be exposed to a variety of new enviroments and things (cars, rabbits, big trucks, other people, other dogs, ect). Each week the puppies in preschool will go for a exposure adventure. We take the pups to either Bass pro, Petland, Skate park or another store that allows dogs. During these adventures we work on training with distractions (keeping focused), introduce them to new things, sit and stays, proper greetings and more. Who doesn’t love field trips!?

I don’t want my dog vaccinated or flea/tick treatment. Can they come to daycare?

Safety is our top priority. Vaccines help prevent severe illnesses. We do accept titer tests and all natural flea/tick/lice preventatives.

Note***Just like the human flu shot; A dog can still get kennel cough or stomach illnesses with the vaccine. The vaccine helps prevent it from becoming severe.

Did you know: Since implementing the flea/tick/lice treatment in 2021; We have not seen 1 single case of fleas or lice in any of our daycare dogs!

My dogs over 8 months and not fixed; Why can’t he come to daycare?

Unfortunately in a group dynamic, a unfixed dog can create a huge imbalance. Its usually not the unfixed dog, but the others trying to challenge or guard them. They tend to get bullied by the others. If your dog starts out in daycare really young, we will let them go unfixed as long as they can. The group will let us know when its time for them to take a break until fixed.

Things we notice:

  • Dog challenging other dogs
  • Marking
  • Mounting
  • Dog starts to control the group, or other dogs start to try and control the unfixed dog
  • Pestering the opposite sex
  • Resource guarding

Why is their no staff overnight for boarding dogs?

Research has proven, when there is a staff member overnight with a group of dogs; they get less of a restful sleep. With a full day of daycare paired with evening daycare. The dogs are exhausted by the end of the day and tend to just fall right asleep. We do monitor through cameras an a app on our phones. Each dogs get a seperate, secure run with a bed and water dish. You can opt to pay for a evening walk ($10plus gst) before bed (remember they get a walk in the am free of charge).